We offer Ph.D degrees in Multidisciplinary (Acoustics; Agriculture; Allergy; Anatomy & Morphology; Anesthesiology; Anthropology; Archaeology; Architecture; Area Studies; Art; Arts & Humanities – Other; Asian Studies; Astronomy & Astrophysics; Automation & Control Systems; Behavioral Sciences; Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Biodiversity & Conservation; Biomedical Social Sciences; Biophysics; Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology; Business & Economics; Cardiovascular System & Cardiology; Cell Biology; Chemistry; Classics; Communication; Computer Science; Construction & Building Technology; Criminology & Penology; Critical Care Medicine; Crystallography; Dance; Demography; Dentistry, Oral Surgery & Medicine; Dermatology; Developmental Biology; Education & Educational Research; Electrochemistry; Emergency Medicine; Endocrinology & Metabolism; Energy & Fuels; Engineering; Entomology; Environmental Sciences & Ecology; Ethnic Studies; Evolutionary Biology; Family Studies; Film, Radio & Television; Fisheries; Food Science & Technology; Forestry; Gastroenterology & Hepatology; General & Internal Medicine; Genetics & Heredity; Geochemistry & Geophysics; Geography; Geology; Geriatrics & Gerontology; Government & Law; Health Care Sciences & Services; Hematology; History; History & Philosophy of Science; Imaging Science & Photographic Technology; Immunology; Infectious Diseases; Information Science & Library Science; Instruments & Instrumentation; Integrative & Complementary Medicine; International Relations; Legal Medicine; Life Sciences & Biomedicine – Other; Linguistics; Literature; Marine & Freshwater Biology; Materials Science; Mathematical & Computational Biology; Mathematical Methods In Social Sciences; Mathematics; Mechanics; Medical Ethics; Medical Informatics; Medical Laboratory Technology; Metallurgy & Metallurgical Engineering; Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences; Microbiology; Microscopy; Mineralogy; Mining & Mineral Processing; Music; Mycology; Neurosciences & Neurology; Nuclear Science & Technology; Nursing; Nutrition & Dietetics; Obstetrics & Gynecology; Oceanography; Oncology; Operations Research & Management Science; Ophthalmology; Optics; Orthopedics; Otorhinolaryngology; Paleontology; Parasitology; Pathology; Pediatrics; Pharmacology & Pharmacy; Philosophy; Physical Geography; Physics; Physiology; Plant Sciences; Polymer Science; Psychiatry; Psychology; Public Administration; Public, Environmental & Occupational Health; Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical Imaging; Rehabilitation; Religion; Remote Sensing; Reproductive Biology; Research & Experimental Medicine; Respiratory System; Rheumatology; Robotics; Science & Technology – Other; Social Issues; Social Sciences – Other; Social Work; Sociology; Spectroscopy; Sport Sciences; Statistics & Probability; Substance Abuse; Surgery; Telecommunications; Theater; Thermodynamics; Toxicology; Transplantation; Transportation; Tropical Medicine; Urban Studies; Urology & Nephrology; Veterinary Sciences; Virology; Water Resources; Women’s Studies) etc…

A Ph.D degree requires 50 credit points beyond a master's degree, 35 from study courses and 15 from dissertation. Credit transfer reduces the number of university credit points which a student needs to gain for a Ph.D degree, but we need to see the details before we can decide the exact credit rating.

The total tuition fees for a Ph.D degree program are (based on university). You can choose from payment plans A, B and C. According to payment plan A (10% off), you would have to pay 90% in one full payment at enrollment time. According to plan B, you would have to pay 25% at enrollment time and three more identical installment payments in two, four, and six months from registration. According to plan C, you would have to pay 10% interest, at registration and twelve monthly installment payments of 10%.

If the student is awarded with a total credit transfer of 35 credit points, he or she will only have to complete 15 points through the submission of a dissertation to get the degree.

To apply for earned degree, we need to receive the candidate's resume indicating the degree of interest and copies of certificates.

D.Sc / D.Litt / PDF Admissions

A candidate who has qualified for the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in any recognized university may apply for the Degree of Doctor of Letters (D.Litt) / Doctor of Science (D.Sc) / Post Doctorate Fellow (PDF)

The publications submitted by the candidate for consideration for the award of D.Litt /D.Sc / PDF Degree are substantially the result of Post-Doctoral research work carried out the research period.

The application for D.Litt /D.Sc / PDF shall be submitted to dkirfcao@gmail.com

The candidate shall state in the application for Registration for D.Litt / D.Sc / PDF degree, the discipline and specific area of Post Doctoral research upon which the D.Litt /D.Sc / PDF thesis will be based. The candidate shall also submit along with the application, material evidence for active postdoctoral research, in the form of published research articles / books / reports.

The registration shall be confirmed by the panel constituted by the University Authorities consisting of the respective Dean and External Expert coordinated by the CEO / DKIRF

The application and the thesis must be submitted with the prescribed registration fee so as to reach the CEO / DKIRF after a minimum period of 6 months from the date of confirmation of Registration up to a maximum period of 3 years.

The period may be extended for a maximum period of two years with 6 months interval with the prescribed fee for extension. Beyond this period, the registration automatically stands cancelled.

The candidate shall also reimburse the actual postal expenses incurred in connection with the evaluation of the thesis. The candidate shall submit 6 copies of thesis along with soft copy. In addition, an abstract of at least 1000 words in English should be submitted.

The D.Litt/ D.Sc / PDF thesis shall be on the basis of the publications which shall be arranged sequentially and discussed by providing adequate linkages between the chapters. While the common theme shall form the title, the introduction shall provide over view of the theme and rationale of the work. Whereas the conclusion shall present the findings and the impact.

A candidate shall be permitted to submit a thesis for the D.Litt / D.Sc / PDF Degree only once.